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2.50 for the first sticker, 1.25 thereafter. Add 80p post contribution and to all orders

Stickers are single colour vinyl lettering, (no logos), loaded onto carrier film for self application.

Please make sure you include with your order:

bulletThe exact lettering, gaps, underscores of your URL
bulletWhether straight or mirror image (inside of glass)
bulletAny particulars on letter style required
bulletColour required (If they're going on windows, go for light colours)
bulletA telephone contact no.
bulletDespatch address

Size of orders: These are cut vinyl and a very economical method of producing quantities of less than 100 in a single colour. It is not an appropriate method of producing larger quantities, multi colour or complex logos. 


No VAT: After 18 years of being a tax collector, I have now sold off parts of the business to get beneath the VAT threshold.


Orders and enquiries:

bulletBurntwood Signs Unit 9 Lime Lane, Yates Industrial Estate, Lime Lane, Pelsall WS3 5AS
bulletEmail: Burntwoodsigns@gmail.com - Monitored 16 hrs a day for quick response.
bullet01543 - 37 1066 or
bulletIf you leave a UK landline number and availability on the email, we will be happy to ring and discuss





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