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Blackboard in signs is available in three forms. We are happy to advise on the most appropriate.

bulletTraditional painted blackboard. We can supply or advise on DIY which may be the most appropriate way of dealing with large blackboards. Where thick material is needed for larger signs, it is still the most appropriate way.
bulletSynthetic blackboard is a standard 3mm. We use it on our table top range. In most instances we can offer customers the choice.
bulletBlackboard Vinyl can be used like any other vinyl, to stick onto a rigid surface. It has the two great advantages of being able to be part of a sign (price or message panels) and can be cut to shape.

Blackboard Table Tops on solid oak bases using synthetic 3mm blackboard

A5 7, two or more 6.50 each

A4 8.50, two or more 8 each

A3 11.50, two or more 10.75 each

Price guide 48 for the example in the photograph

Blackboard Pavement Boards


Double sided: Height 38 inches inc. legs, width 26.75 inches, Board size 24x32 inches, Weight 9kg.; Framing of treated 1.75 inch square slotted timber and mitre jointed with stabiliser chain.
Not signwritten with inner panel of 3mm synthetic blackboard or 5mm painted blackboard 112. Add 15 for sadolin treated frame as in picture.


Timber framed composite signs

Double sided: Height 38 inches inc. legs, width 26.75 inches, Board size 24x32 inches, Weight 9kg.; Framing of treated 1.75 inch sq. tanelised slotted timber and mitre jointed with stabiliser chain.

Part and part blackboard and signed board with separation facility 148. Add 15 for sadolin treated frame


Framed Blackboards are made to size, with a range of frame options to suit different locations.

Blackboards on Lamp posts


Specification: 290 x 810 mm in 3mm synthetic blackboard with sign rail riveted to rear.

Price 34.50 + brackets (Bracket price depends on the diameter of the lamp post. Up to 3.5 inch diameter 2 each - 2 required)

Blackboards as an integral part of a sign. Blackboard vinyl wipes clean better than traditional blackboard and can be shaped to suit.


Blackboard vinyl panels

These can be incorporated into other signs so you can amend your announcements, dates, menus or prices, when you want and without cost. They're no more expensive than ordinary signs. Blackboard vinyl can be placed on the sign to suit it's overall design,

We can if required supply precut shapes in blackboard vinyl

Whiteboard is also available if preferred. BUT a small piece of blackboard can be incorporated into a sign. Minimal extra cost. If the whiteboard option is used, the whole sign needs to be of whiteboard. Whiteboard

No VAT: After 18 years of being a tax collector, I have now sold off parts of the business to get beneath the VAT threshold.


Carriage: Small signs would normally be sent by royal mail. We only pass on the postage charge. For gross weight in excess of 6kg, we would despatch by 2 day courier @ 8.40 + insurance (price as at November 2012).


Orders and enquiries:

bulletBurntwood Signs Ltd., 5 Squirrels Hollow, Boney Hay, Burntwood, Staffordshire WS7 2YS
bullet01543 - 674109 or
bulletIf you leave a UK landline number and availability on the email, we will be happy to ring and discuss
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