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Orders and enquiries:

bulletBurntwood Signs Unit 9 Lime Lane, Yates Industrial Estate, Lime Lane, Pelsall WS3 5AS
bulletEmail: - Monitored 16 hrs a day for quick response.
bullet01543 - 37 1066 or
bulletIf you leave a UK landline number and availability on the email, we will be happy to ring and discuss



We supply cut vinyl for DIY vehicle livery or we are able to fit to your vehicle on request


We supply magnetic vehicle signs


We supply solid colour signs. (We do not offer printed 4 colour signage)


We supply blank magnetic panels to conceal existing signage

Which option is appropriate to your needs?

DIY vehicle livery approximately halves your livery costs, so it's worth getting used to. Generally it's reasonable to handle cut vinyl in small pieces on flat surfaces. If it's a two way curve in the armour plating or you're using lengths longer than your armspan, it starts to get tricky. Most signmakers, ourselves included have most vehicle panel designs on CD ROM so can usually provide you with the signage without sight of the vehicle. We always fax proofs to the customer before cutting to ensure that everything is right anyway. You can get it off again when selling the car. See Sign fixing tips


Complete signing of vehicle. This is now done by Shire Oak Graphics. Contact Jen or Andy Austin on 01543 - 371066.


Magnetics are ideal for a pair of door panels, Magnetic signage can become an expensive option: on large vehicles or if  they are not looked after when taken off

You should also consider:

They do not go over two way curves or flutes in the vehicle body surface

They need cleaning as often as the car (meths with a jeyes cloth)

They need careful storage when off the vehicle.

The surface beneath needs to be cleaned regularly or they are spoiled.

Large magnetic signs are irritating to line up when putting them on.

It sounds stupid but it has happened: check your body panels are not fibre glass or aluminium.

They are however an ideal solution to vehicle signage:

If vehicles are frequently being changed

You look after them and take them off occasionally for cleaning

You need to shed your image sometimes (if subcontracting to another company, when using the vehicle socially, if avoiding commercial waste disposal charges)

You only need dignified small scale signage

When designing your magnetics

Don't try to put too much on. For most door panel magnetics we put on just the minimum: Your trading name, your activity and your phone number, maybe a web address. That's all most people want to know anyway. Vehicles are too permanent to promote the special offers.

Avoid small lettering with pointed serifs (eg Times Roman). They can be a cleaning problem.

Bear in mind that signmakers buy magnetic sheet in 24'' wide roll. If you design round this you'll avoid waste and get the most for your money.

When choosing a background colour, do not use a colour which is the same as or close to the vehicle colour. You will be disappointed with the final appearance if you do.

As with any sign, but especially with vehicles, one contact phone no. is more effective than two. How much of your new business comes from the fax or the mobile phone?


Blank magnetic signs

We are happy to supply blank magnetic sheet from the same roll that we use (610mm wide)
Vehicle grade (0.75mm 47g/cm2) colours: Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Black, White @ 10 per metre
Plain vehicle grade and  @ 8 per metre

These prices are based on supply off the roll, leaving measuring and cutting to you. Cutting can be done on any flat surface with a straight edge and stanley knife and care.


All our magnetic vehicle signs are from 0.75mm grade sheet (Avoid  0.5 mm sheet. It is intended for temporary displays and for fridge magnets. It is cheaper but tears with ease)

All our magnetic signs have rounded corners to avoid fraying

Size in inches For one Thereafter
24x8 20 16
24x9 22 18
24x10 23 20
24x11 25 21
24x12 26 22

No VAT: After 18 years of being a tax collector, I have now sold off parts of the business to get beneath the VAT threshold.

These prices are guidelines for stock colour magnets as well as white background. We will cut to customer size requirements.

These sizes tend to be suitable for vehicle doors. We are happy to make magnets at larger sizes for van panels. We suggest that you consider: a large part of the price of magnetics is the sheet material, so large van panels can become expensive. The sheet material comes on 610mm / 24 inch wide roll, and any wasted offcut can add to the price. + long magnetic signs are not easy to line up straight on a van panel.

These prices assume : Your trading name, your activity, your phone number and a www.

If you want something different, we can and we respond to geometric challenges:

Special sizes made for awkward sized panels

Non stock colour magnetic signs made to order + 20%

Oval shaped magnetic signs charged at the rectangular rate + 20%

Other magnetic signs made on request

We make magnetic signs for other applications: education, skips any steel surface


No extra charge for extra colours


No artwork charge (unless very complex)

We can supply plain magnetic sheet, colours and natural

Carriage for smaller magnetic signs is usually by Royal Mail and charged at stamp cost only. For signs over 4kg  2 day courier is cheaper  8.40 + insurance (price as at November 2012).  Charges are higher for any off shore delivery. As a guideline magnetics weigh approx. 275 gms per sq. ft. Allow another 275gms for the packaging.

Orders and enquiries:

bulletBurntwood Signs Unit 9 Lime Lane, Yates Industrial Estate, Lime Lane, Pelsall WS3 5AS
bulletEmail: - Monitored 16 hrs a day for quick response.
bullet01543 - 37 1066 or
bulletIf you leave a UK landline number and availability on the email, we will be happy to ring and discuss


Magnetics and cut vinyl supplied within the EC only

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